Floor Coverings International is the one-stop shop for area rugs in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Area rugs are stylish and functional for any room, especially those with hard flooring surfaces such as hardwood, tile, or stone. If you are looking for an area rug to complement the décor of your home or office, we are available to our local customers for free, in-home consultations.

Our excellent design associates are knowledgeable and prepared to give advice on all aspects of area rugs, from product quality guidance to design tips. We know that even a seemingly small touch like an area rug can add a great deal of flair and warmth to any space, so we want to give our customers the best guidance and highest quality products available.


Advantages & Disadvantages

The main benefits of area rugs are their appearance and their feel. With an area rug, you and your guests can experience the beauty of hardwood, tile, and stone floors while still having a cushy, soft feeling underfoot. Also, area rugs come in a vast array of colors, patterns, and prints, so you can infuse your personal style into any space. Area rugs can muffle the echoing sounds of hard floor coverings, as well, so you can have a more peaceful atmosphere in your home or office.

However, one drawback of area rugs is that they add another surface to clean. Instead of just having hardwood floor maintenance to worry about, the addition of an area rug creates another cleaning responsibility. Luckily, you can often put area rugs in your home or industrial washer to clean them with ease. Area rugs can also flip up a bit at the sides, causing a mild tripping hazard.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers allow us to offer our customers top brands and the best quality products at budget-friendly prices. We have access to an enormous selection of colors, prints, weaves, and patterns of area rugs, so you are sure to find some that complement your decorating scheme.



A Note From Our Owner

“If you’re looking to add some extra warmth to a room with hard floors, or if you’re looking to add more of your personal style to a space, then choose an area rug. Give us a call today at FCI Mississauga to explore our many area rug options.” – Jason Nicols, Owner