At Floor Coverings International of Mississauga, we deal
with flooring products from all over the world, from cork flooring grown in the
Mediterranean to Teak hardwood flooring imported from Brazil. One of the things
we’re especially proud of is carrying domestic Canadian flooring options. In
terms of Canadian flooring material, our hardwood flooring is probably the most
popular, and for good reason. Canadian hardwood flooring is some of the best in
the world, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Canadian
hardwood flooring species. Read on to find out what amazing flooring products
are currently being produced right in your backyard.

Canadian Maple

When it comes to Canadian hardwood flooring species,
Canadian Maple is surely the best selling. Maple hardwood flooring typically
comes in pale, creamy shades of color with slight differences from plank to
plank. Maple is well-loved for its graining, and when choosing maple hardwood
flooring you can select the grade (which represents different quantities of
graining) that is best suited for your home. The graining in Canadian Maple
flooring tends can range from incredibly uniform and straight to abstract and
curly. Birdseye Maple is perhaps the epitome of what homeowners love about Maple
hardwood flooring, and this unique flooring species is known for its small,
eye-like graining pattern. If you’re looking for a dependable domestic hardwood
floor, consider Canadian Maple.

Canadian Oak Flooring

Canadian Oak flooring is nearly as ubiquitous as Maple, but
it offers a decisively different look. With a Janka hardness rating of around
1360, Oak flooring is most often found either the Red Oak or White Oak species,
with both species offering faily heavy graining. Red oak hardwood flooring
showcases pinkish undertones, whereas White oak floors are distinguished by
golden colored shading. Oak hardwood flooring lends a very traditional
atmosphere to spaces it’s used in, and is a great choice if you’re looking for
domestic Canadian hardwood flooring.

Black Walnut

Found heavily in the Ontario area, Black Walnut is a perfect
choice for homeowners looking for native Canadian hardwood floors. Black walnut
flooring is much lower on the Janka hardness scale than Oak or Maple, so expect
a softer flooring than is found with some other hardwoods. Black Walnut flooring
is often prized for its stunning coloring, which lends a real warmth to most
spaces. Black Walnut showcases straight, thin graining, which is a nice
compliment to the natural coloring of the flooring. The sapwood in Black Walnut
flooring can vary from light tan to medium brown, so anticipate some slight
color variation from board to board.

At Floor Coverings International of Mississauga, we’re proud
to carry all kinds of Canadian hardwood flooring. Call us today for a free
in-home estimate!