At Floor Coverings International of Mississauga, we make
sure to stay up to date on every trend making its way through the flooring
world. Whether its Luxury Vinyl Tile or distressed hardwood flooring, we’re always
learning about new products that may be right for your home. In recent years,
one increasingly large segment of the flooring industry is eco-friendly
flooring options. As our society becomes more and more interested in being
green, it only makes sense that our flooring choices would follow suit. There
are a few different environmentally friendly flooring options out there, so
everyone at FCI Mississauga has put together a guide to choosing the right
green flooring option for your home. Read on to find out more about bamboo,
cork, and recyclable carpet flooring!
Bamboo Flooring

An impressively durable, sustainable and affordable form of
hardwood flooring, bamboo has become the floor of choice for many homeowners
building or renovating homes with an eco-friendly end in mind. Bamboo flooring
is considered a green product do it the renewable nature of its manufacturing
process. When it’s cut, the root of the bamboo stalk stays in the ground, and
it grows back to a mature height in anywhere from three and a half to seven
years. Couple this with the fact that bamboo flooring is incredibly handsome
and it is easy to understand why so many consumers are gravitating towards it.
Bamboo flooring can scratch easily, so it isn’t always ideal for pet owners,
and homes in humid areas may find issues due to moisture.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is also considered green due to its
manufacturing process, where only the bark of the cork tree is removed. Cork
flooring is an excellent choice for a whole host of reasons, but it can be
great for people with severe allergies. Cork is naturally non-allergenic,
especially in comparison to carpet, making it ideal for small children or the
elderly. Due to the presence of a naturally occurring substance called suberin,
cork is naturally resistant to deterioration and water damage, resists the
growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, prevents the cultivation of mold, and keeps
away bugs and dust mites. Furthermore, cork is naturally static-resistance,
making it incredibly well-rounded and perfectly suited for most spaces.

Recyclable Carpet

One of the newest additions to the green flooring portfolio
is recyclable carpet flooring. Due to the materials used in older carpeting,
much of what gets pulled out of homes makes its way straight to the landfill.
Recyclable carpet, which is made with nylon 6 fiber, is able to go back to the
manufacturer where it is either reprocessed into new carpet flooring or
recycled into renewable energy sources. Make sure to check beforehand that your
new carpeting is recyclable in order to cement your commitment to the

At Floor Coverings International of Mississauga, we carry a
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