At Floor Coverings International of Mississauga, we not only
provide incredible flooring options to the Mississauga and Toronto areas, we
also house some sensational Design Associates on staff in order to assist our clients
in finding the right laminate or carpet flooring for their unique home décor
needs. Whether it’s finding the right hardwood flooring to match your home’s rustic
interior or deciding on the right color carpeting for your bedroom, Floor
Coverings International of Mississauga has experts on hand to guide you in the
process. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few design styles that are
optimally suited for hardwood flooring in the hopes of inspiring you to
consider what flooring options might be best for your home décor.

Mid Century Modern

When thinking about the Mid Century Modern design style, most
images that come to mind might include shag carpet or aged linoleum flooring.
This may have been true in the late 1960’s, but we’ve found that a light, elegant
hardwood flooring option can be a great choice for Mid Century Modern homes.
Mid Century design is often about highlighting the simplicity of mass produced
design, from the work of the Eames to the furniture designs of Eero Saarinen,
which makes the stark look of a white pine or birch floor perfectly suited for
mirroring this simplicity. Because of the stark look of new hardwood flooring,
it is in fact a great match for the utilitarian beauty of Mid Century design.

Country Cottage

Unlike Mid Century Modern design, Country Cottage is sure to
bring hardwood to the forefront of your mind when considering flooring options.
Country Cottage décor is all about simplicity, utility, and a down-home
cheeriness, which is in many ways the perfect description for hardwood
flooring’s effects on a home’s feel. Distressed hardwood can be a particularly great
option when realizing Country Cottage décor, both in its rustic feel and the
way that it tends to imitate some of the aged touches associated with the Country
Cottage design style. Red-hued hardwoods, such as red oak, can also work
wonderfully with the Country Cottage look.


Although hardwood flooring may not be as quickly associated with
Industrial décor as cement or rubber flooring, it can in fact be a great accent
to a home looking to implement some of the touches of Industrial design. Due to
the Industrial look’s fascination with factory-influenced design ideas, you’ll
most likely be working with salvaged objects and stripped-back architecture,
which a clean and simple hardwood, such as pine, can work as a perfect foil to.
Similar to Country Cottage décor, distressed and hand-scraped hardwood flooring
is also a great choice for mirroring the aged look of Industrial décor.

The difference between Floor Coverings International of
Mississauga and our competitors is our commitment to working with you on
integrating our wonderful products into your home throughout the installation
process. Whether your home is going for a Mid Century Modern, Industrial, our
Country Cottage look, Floor Coverings International has the right flooring
option for your home!