How to Protect Your
Hardwood Floors on Moving Day

One of the attributes many people look for first when
considering a new home is the perfect floor for their family. Floor Coverings
International of Mississauga is your expert in installing gorgeous new
hardwood, carpet, and tile, but not every new homeowner is looking at a
complete install. If you already have the perfect floor in your new home, it is
essential to make sure you protect it during what can often be a tumultuous
move in process. Seeing as though we’re authorities on everything hardwood, we
wanted to pass on a few essential tips for families moving into a new house
that already has a hardwood floor they’re happy with. If you want to keep your
hardwood floor looking its best after a move, make sure to follow this guide;
it’s certain to protect your floor from all of the dangers of a harried move

Bristle Doormats –
Essential for Hardwood Protection

It’s a given that placing doormats at the front of each
entryway is a must for keeping dust and dirt out of your home. On move in day,
make sure that you’ve placed your doormats first and foremost, as they’re sure
to protect your new floor from any dirt and debris. Better yet, make sure to
purchase all new bristle doormats, which excel at catching stones, sand, and

Carpet Remnants Go a
Long Way

Like bristle doormats, utilizing carpet remnants can help
dramatically in keeping rocks and sand (which are sure to scratch up your
floor) out of your new home. Like the doormats you’ll have placed on the
outside of your entryways, place small carpet remnants on the inside to do the
same. Make sure to place the carpet upside down so that the soft side of the
square is touching the hardwood, which is sure to keep it looking shiny and

Plywood Leading To
the Kitchen

 Some of the major
dangers for your hardwood floor tend to reside in the kitchen, from the stove
to the refrigerator. All of these heavy appliances can wreak havoc on your
floor, so it’s incredibly important to protect your hardwood from these large
electronics when moving them in. One technique that tends to help is placing a
trail of plywood on the path that these appliances will take, which will ensure
that your maple floor doesn’t take on any dings or damage.

Socks Are a Huge Help

Another major concern for your floors when moving is the
legs on your furniture and appliances, which can quickly scratch up any
surface. One of the easiest ways to battle this issue is to utilize plain old
white socks. Place clean socks on each of the legs, and you’ll make sure to
avoid the type of damage that can result from a dragged table.

If All Else Fails, Go
With Ram Board

If you don’t mind spending a bit to protect your floor, Ram
Board is the best bet. A heavy-duty, breathable floor protection, Ram Board is
popular with contractors and DIY homeowners alike. Similar to a drop cloth, but
engineered specifically for floors, Ram Board is sure to keep your hardwood
from receiving any of the nicks and dings that typically result from a
difficult move.

If you’re looking to install a new floor in your home or
business, Floor Coverings International of Mississauga is your expert resource
for everything from design to install. If you’re looking to protect the floor
you currently have during a major move, these tips are sure to go a long way in
keeping your home looking exactly the way you want.