Here at Floor Coverings
International, we’re interested in all things hardwood, from flooring to
furniture making. One of the most fun applications of hardwood is in the making
of that great childhood project: the treehouse. There’s certainly plenty in
common between building a great treehouse and laying a stunning new hardwood
floor, so we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of some of the coolest
treehouses from around the world. Far from the tenuous structure of your
childhood, these treehouses show just what can happen when you apply a little
imagination to your hardwood projects, something all of us at Floor Coverings
International bring to each and every job we encounter.

1. The Wilkinson Residence –

Built in the great city of
Portland, OR, the Wilkinson Residence is far from the treehouse your Dad put
together when you were a kid. Built within the canopy of a traditional Pacific
Northwest forest, the Wilkinson Residence was designed for optimal acoustics,
due to the homeowner’s love of classical music. The result of this marriage
between the natural world and an incredibly organic design is a shape that
locals lovingly refer to as “The Wave.” Much in the same way Floor Coverings
International always looks to make hardwood floors appear as integrative as
possible, the architect behind the Wilkinson Residence has found a way to truly
blend this magnificent treehouse into its natural setting, resulting in a
treehouse that definitely lives up to its name.

2. Minister’s Treehouse –

Minister Horace Burgess is a
Tennessee pastor that has an incredible story he likes to share: in 1993, God
visited him and told him that if he built a treehouse, he would never run out
of materials. Like a modern day Noah, Burgess has proceeded to heed this
advice, and has been working on his massive treehouse for the past 20 years.
Featuring five stories, six different decks, and a fully functioning bell
tower, Minister’s Treehouse is part folk art and part religious vision,
resulting in a space unlike any other on the planet. The best part of all?
Everyone is welcome at Burgess’ treehouse, making it an incredible sight that
any tourist can visit free of charge.

3. Free Spirit Spheres –

Located in the wilderness of
British Columbia, Canada, the Free Spirit Spheres are set among the tallest
trees in the rainforest of Vancouver Island. Borrowing heavily from boat
building techniques, the Spheres were built as a resort destination and offer
tourists the opportunity to experience the British Columbian wildlife up close
and personal. As their name suggests, the Free Spirit Spheres are hardwood
treehouses in the shape of a ball, making them some of the oddest we’ve ever
come across. There’s a strange beauty to these floating orbs, however, and they
seem like they’d be the perfect place to get away to for a meditative weekend
out of the city.

Although we mostly stick to using
our hardwood for flooring options, everyone here at Floor Coverings International
can respect the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and imagination required to put
together these incredible projects. And if these treehouses have inspired you
to take a crack at a treehouse of your own, remember: although Floor Coverings
International doesn’t cover treehouses yet, we’re always looking to expand.