Jason Nicols, Owner – Jason has a strong background in both home renovation and managing successful teams of employees. From a young age, he showed an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to hard work by selling Hakutsuru Sake to restaurants before he was even old enough to drink it! His first dip into the home improvement industry was working for College Pro Painting. After working there, Jason spent 4 years in student affairs at the University of Toronto, moving on to work in the residence department, where he was promoted to acting assistant director after only 1 year.
After his success at the University of Toronto, Jason decided to switch industries, back to working with his hands and working from start to finish on home renovation projects. This led him to a Floor Coverings International open house in Atlanta, GA. The rest is history!
Claudio Parraguez, Production Coordinator – Claudio has installed over 500,000 square feet of hardwood flooring throughout the greater Toronto area, so to say he is experienced is an understatement. Claudio is also skilled in installing many other types of flooring, including cork and laminate. He found Floor Coverings International to be a great fit after working on Satin Finish’s installation team.